Sep 23 2009

How does sponsorship affect my sponsored friend’s siblings?

Ask Sponsor ServicesQ. My sponsored child has siblings. Are they upset or hurt if they are not sponsored?

A. It’s possible that one or more of your friend’s siblings are sponsored. Projects differ in their policies on sponsorship of multiple children in a family. Some projects prefer to limit sponsorship of siblings in order to help as many families as possible.

Though sponsorship is between one sponsor and one child or aging person, the benefits of CFCA sponsorship are intended to assist the entire family, not just the individual who is sponsored.

Some benefits, such as food supplies and home repairs, can be easily enjoyed by all family members. Benefits intended for the sponsored member alone, such as tuition assistance and clothing, still free up money in the family budget to be used for other family needs.

Nevertheless, if your sponsored friend is the only child sponsored, be assured that your sponsorship is received with joy and appreciated by the entire family as it lessens the financial pressure on the family, giving them hope and providing help.

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