Aug 20 2009

Our pilgrimage

By Nicole Mirti, CFCA sponsor

My family and I started our involvement with CFCA about 10 years ago when a priest spoke at our parish. We were really moved and touched by the work CFCA does for those less fortunate, so we decided we would become sponsors. Upon learning of the countries where CFCA has projects, we chose Colombia. Colombia was an easy choice for us because that is where I was born. I was adopted from Bogota, Colombia, almost 24 years ago, and the country still holds a special place in our hearts.

Nicole Mirti, her mother and Wendy, their sponsored childMy family and I sponsor a 7-year-old girl named Wendy, who is part of the Bogota project. We have been her sponsors for about two years. When we first learned of the mission awareness trips, we thought they sounded interesting but had to wait for a summer trip as I am a teacher and my mom also works for a school. I remember when we first got word about the 2009 Bogota mission awareness trip, I was so excited. My parents knew how much I wanted see Colombia and thought this would be a perfect opportunity for us to go and meet Wendy. Unfortunately, my dad had to stay behind and work.

In the weeks prior to our trip, I had a mixture of feelings going through my mind. I was happy, nervous, excited and scared all at once. It would be an amazing experience to see and meet Wendy, but it would also be one of wonderment. I have looked at many pictures and read articles about Colombia, but being there first-hand would be completely different.

Nicole Mirti, her mother and Wendy in ColombiaA big surprise came when we exited the doors of the El Dorado Airportówe were greeted by Wendy, her mom and baby sister. She was there along with Bob, Cristina, CFCA Bogota project coordinator Judith, and translators Jamie and Lindsey. My mom and I felt so welcomed after meeting everyone and felt an immediate connection with Wendy.

The trip was an amazing experience. One that is extremely difficult to put into words. I consider the trip to be two-fold for me: we got to meet Wendy, and I got to see my birth country. The trip was one only those who had the privilege of going can understandótogether we went on a spiritual journey filled with many laughs, tears, love and appreciation. The feelings I walked away with from that week led me to sponsor a child on my own. I cannot wait to go back to Colombia and see Wendy again and meet my new sponsored child Kevin.

Bob was with us on the trip, and I remember a quote he said on our last day together, ìLife is a pilgrimage.î The people who were on the 2009 Bogota mission awareness trip will always hold a special place in my heart because they were with me on that incredible pilgrimage.

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  1. this is really beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this story. I have been thinking of going to visit my sponsored child in Mexico, and your expereince has really inspired me.

    1. Mary,

      This trip was amazing! I would highly recommend everyone go and visit their sponsor child. The bond you will feel is amazing and it is so much more than can be described in words.

  2. Nicki, we are so proud of you. Thanks for sharing this experience with us. We have enjoyed watching you grow into such a fine young lady and this is another step up that long climb of life.
    Via con Dios

  3. Nicki and Elyse,
    Thanks for coming! You learned as much as I did from you.
    Each MAT is a blessing as we can feel alive and really appreciate our life. Very proud that you Nicki sponsored a little one.

    God bless you Nicki, my “sister”!

    1. Hi Jamie,

      So great to hear from you! I am glad you got a chance to read the blog. The work you guys do is amazing. I talk about all of you and thnk about you constantly.


  4. Nicki, you brought me to tears. You are our special gift. What a beautiful article you wrote, thanks for sharing. Your friend Bob is so right “life is a pilgrimage”. Love you lots, Aunt Chris

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