Aug 11 2009

August isn’t back-to-school month for everyone

As U.S. students prepare for the onset of school, students in other countries have already taken mid-terms.

That’s right. For students in many countries where CFCA works, school does not start in August or September.

The school year in Central America started in January or February. Those lucky children are only two months away from the end of school. Schoolchildren in India and the Philippines are already into their third month of the school year. And students in Kenyaówell, they follow the British system and attend school all year, with long breaks at the end of each quarter.

Find the school calendar for your friend on the graph below.

School calendar

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4 thoughts on “August isn’t back-to-school month for everyone”

  1. What a valuable tool. I can’t wait to use this information with my CCE class and hopefully broaden their understanding. I also love the way that I can have a better idea of what my sponsored kid is doing (at least sort of) in his own school year.

    Thanks so much for putting this together!

  2. Thanks so much for this information! I’m always so confused when writing our sponsored kids around the world because usually their letters have no dates on them, and they will talk about final exams or the end of the term or vacations, and I’m sure they think we’re crazy wishing them luck on their finals when they have just started the school year! (but always gracious, they have never voiced this opinion to us!) Y’all do such a wonderful job making it possible for us to have friends around the world. We will be posting this colorful chart in our Sunday School classroom (5th graders) to help make the lives of children in other countries more real to them. Thanks again!

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