Jul 30 2009

Notes from the Field #9 – Colombia

During the mission awareness trip to Colombia, Adrian Velazquez, manager of parish outreach, saw how art and dance play an essential role in the development of the children. These creative outlets are helping the children grow in many positive ways, making this a benefit that goes beyond the basic necessities of food, clothing and shelter.

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0 thoughts on “Notes from the Field #9 – Colombia”

  1. Adrian, thank you so very much for this powerful testimony, you reflected the pride of these sponsored children when they get up on the stage and tell the world, with no fear, “I am here and I have potential” by dancing and offering their talents.

    It is so great that you were able to bring to all of us a little it bit of the inmense and profound experience of the Mission Awareness Trips of CFCA.

    May God bless you..

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