Jul 15 2009

Do all projects have livelihood programs?

Ask Sponsor ServicesQ. Do all projects have livelihood programs? How do the programs work?

A. CFCA’s livelihood initiatives have steadily grown to the point that approximately half of projects now have livelihood programs. The programs are made available to families with a desire and ability to participate.

CFCA’s primary emphasis is sponsorship in which one sponsor partners with one child or aging person and gives that person encouragement, love and financial support in the form of monthly sponsorship benefits.

Because the family is the primary caregiver, livelihood programs are designed to help families generate sustainable income for themselves. They may enhance their ability to gain employment, create a new source of income through starting a business or supplement existing income.

Programs may include skills training, business development training, access to loans, savings to create a loan fund, income-generating activities and individual empowerment to help members develop livelihoods based on skills.

Capital to launch businesses may be provided through CFCA projects, through savings and loan cooperatives created by sponsored members or through sponsor donations.

Donate to CFCA’s livelihood program fund.

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