Jul 21 2009

101 letters in 11 years

By Al and Diane Schumacher, CFCA sponsors

We have eight children, 20 grandchildren, three great-grandchildren, and all of this is important to our story about CFCA.

Our youngest son and his wife could not have children, so they adopted baby Carlos from Guatemala 11 years ago. Later, they also adopted a little girl from Guatemala.

About the same time as the adoption of Carlos, a priest came to our parish in Milwaukee, Wis., and talked with parishioners about CFCA. We decided that in thanksgiving for our sonís and his wifeís blessing, we would sponsor a child in Guatemala.

Gaby, age 12Gabina (see photograph at age 12) was 2 years old when we began sponsoring her and her family. That was 11-and-a-half years ago.

When we began our relationship with Gaby, her family and friends wrote to us on her behalf. Of course, we responded. Now Gaby writes to us. To date, we’ve received 101 letters, six cards and 23 photographs!

About 18 months ago, we took a cruise which included a stop in Guatemala. CFCA arranged for us to meet with Gaby, her mother (actually her grandmother: her mother died at childbirth), a translator and a social worker. Their driver picked them up at 2 a.m. and drove cross-country for eight hours to meet with us. We had five wonderful hours to spend with Gaby and her escorts before they left for their eight-hour return trip home.

What a memorable visit! It was more than just the highlight of our cruise. Now we hope that someday there will be another visit.

When Gaby writes, she always thanks us and tells of her and her familyís appreciation for all we do for them. If only they could realize that what they do for us is so much more!

Thank you, CFCA, for introducing Gaby to us.

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  1. it is great to know people or conect throught CFCA, this is a way of sharing love and giving hope to poor people to restore their dignity. here in my country nicaragua and specific in my city bluefields we have to travel 8 hours to go to the capital Managua with our sponsor children it is a rough trip because we leave our town at 5.00am it means we have to be their before the our, we travel about 3 hours in a speed boat in the river, we then take a bus that travel to managua about 5 hours, but after we see and live the spirit of love with the godparents childrens are so happy and feel that the trip is more than an experience for them, some of them are traveling for the very first time out of their city, meeting people from other country and specially their godparents is a dream come true for them, so i encourage every godparents to visit their child they will really feel the love.

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