Jun 12 2009

The power of one. The community of all.

CFCAís 2009 Pilgrimage of Faith Award was presented to two parishes ñ one in Denver, the other in St. Louis ñ at a ceremony Tuesday evening. The individuals who introduced CFCA to those parishes accepted the award on behalf of their parish communities.

The slideshow below celebrates the spirit of the award: outstanding commitment to CFCAís mission of solidarity with the poor and marginalized of the world; dedication to creating a worldwide community of compassion through personal outreach; and offering an inspiring example of personal and professional integrity.

0 thoughts on “The power of one. The community of all.”

  1. What a beautiful slide show! I love CFCA. Being a sponsor has
    taught me so much about life and love and family, and God!

  2. What a wonderful journey reflected in this slide show, what a joy to be able to be part of this movement, I am sure that our Lord is very happy with the CFCA movement. Thank you so much for reminding us all that we are not doing isolated efforts, we are part of a great effort made by many people who believe in the potential of the commuity of compassion, a community where we all give and receive. Thank you Lord for letting me be part of this community of all, the power of one.

  3. Beautiful! You get across so much of what CFCA is all about through just using music and photos – your use of visual echoing is masterful as you change from one slide to another, and the emotions you have captured are priceless. This slide show took a lot of work and it shows. Makes me want to go visit all our sponsored friends around the world – and to sponsor more if we could. Thanks!

    1. Chris,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. It’s always great to hear from our wonderful blog readers. I’m so glad that you found some inspiration in the slideshow. It’s rewarding to know that people appreciate the work and the meaning that goes into our productions.

      Thank you for your continued support through CFCA.

      Multimedia specialist

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