Jun 15 2009

Notes from the field #8 ó Haiti

Dan Pearson from international programs department traveled to Haiti to assess the CFCA program there. Pearson reports that the country’s lack of a basic infrastructure makes it difficult to earn a living. Yet despite the many hardships Haitians face, he sees a strength and courage from the people that inspires reverence and respect.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/4869721 w=500&h=350]

You can also watch Notes from the field #8 ó Haiti on our Vimeo channel.

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0 thoughts on “Notes from the field #8 ó Haiti”

  1. I wish to thank Dan Pearson for this video, along with the one on Haitian proverbs. As a sponsor of a little girl at the Ferrier project, I am grateful for this glimpse into her world. It is very comforting to think of the love and devotion of Sr. Pat and her staff there. Also, I love the pictures of the people, with their beautiful smiles.

    Many blessings to the CFCA community around the world.

    Barbara Miller

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