May 8 2009

Reflections from a new mom

By Kristin Littrell, communications department

A month before I found out I was pregnant, I traveled to Guatemala to see CFCA’s work there. A home I visited has frequently returned to my mind since having my baby girl late last year.

We visited a sweet mother with a few children. She was cradling an infant, probably about 6 months old – the same age my little girl is now.

Her home was made of tin walls, a dirt floor and a tin roof. It was situated at the top of a very steep hill, in a neighborhood built in an area few people would want to live in because of fear of mudslides.

As I walked into her house, I noticed a couple of make-shift beds and a table. The air in the house was so hot and stifling ñ the tin just held the heat in. Hanging from the ceiling was this:

Baby bed

I asked the mother what it was used for. She told me that it was the babyís bed.

I remember being surprised at the time, thinking that few in America would allow their child to sleep there. But this mom didnít have another option, and she was doing the best thing possible for her baby.

Later, I returned home to the U.S., quickly found out I was expecting, and began the craziness that is American baby registries, birth classes, showers and more.

There were many times during my pregnancy that I would think back to families with young children I met in Guatemala. One night in my ninth month of pregnancy, as I sat in our decorated nursery dreaming about when our little girl would arrive, I pulled the picture of that motherís home up on my computer.

And for a few minutes, I couldn’t speak.

Sometimes the vast differences between my life here and my friendsí lives in countries like Guatemala are hard to process. Itís hard to make sense of the disparities.

In that moment, this prayer was on my lips:


p style=”text-align:center;”>I am once again humbled and beyond grateful for the many blessings we have in life.
Jesus, keep me from wanting more, when so many of your children have so much less.

Give me perspective. Donít let me forget.
Weave simplicity and abundant generosity into the fabric of our family.

This Mothers Day, Iíll be thinking about that mom in Guatemala, and the many strong women around the world weíre privileged to work with at CFCA. I stand in awe of these women.

And as I rock my little girl to sleep, Iíll tell her stories of these friends around the world and pray that someday she gets to meet them, too. And when she meets them, I pray sheís compelled to partner with them as they build a better life for their children.

This Mother’s Day, honor your mother and partner with CFCA to help other mothers build a better life for their children.

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  1. In the part of Third World, you will find many countries like India where you can see this type of house and children begging on street without proper clothing in the hot summer or cold winter night.

  2. We are used to civilization and the sight of the bed and conditions like on the image shocks us. we have to remember though that most children are born and raised in similar surrounding and they grow well. Sometimes I envy not knowing about all these diseases – they live simple live and do what they are taught to do. We just know too much.

  3. What a beautiful prayer, Kristin, thank you so much for sharing such a personal and inspirational moment in your life. May God continue to bless all mothers around the world. My heart goes out all those suffering mothers who struggle, everyday, to offer what their children need.

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