May 18 2009

Focus on the personal

Chris Palmer, a member of the international programs department, traveled on a mission awareness trip to Nicaragua. Here are some of his thoughts:

On the drive back to the hotel for the evening, I was reflecting over the weekís events. I am sure the rest of the participants were doing the same thing. Seeing poverty for a week isn’t necessarily easy and trying to understand the reasons behind it can be not only confusing, but somewhat discouraging.

Yet, amid the seemingly negative situation there continues to be an underlying optimism and joy among the people we visited in Nicaragua that, when seen, can only bring a sense of wonderment. It is something that can’t be communicated easily through words. It isn’t until we walk with the people at their pace for awhile that we start to learn their journey Ö from where they came to where they hope to go.

CFCA is providing more than just $30 a month for necessities. CFCA has an intentional focus on the personal aspect. From staff members and social workers, to the local communities and families, CFCA understands that money can only do so much for someone, but sponsorship is personal. After seeing it for week I believe it is that personal aspect that provides the hope Ö it is a hope for themselves, their family, their country and our world.

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  1. We sponsor four girls from Nicaragua. I have participated in two MAT to Nicaragua. The Nicaraguans are a very proud and humble people. What they lack in material belongings they more than make up for in their sense of family, community and faith. We as Americans can learn many lessons from these wonderful people.

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