May 11 2009

At what age does CFCA classify sponsored friends as aging?

Ask Sponsor ServicesQ. At what age does CFCA classify sponsored friends as aging?

A. There is no specific age one must be to qualify for sponsorship as an aging person. Our project staffs make this determination within the context of the personís circumstances.

While about 85 percent of sponsored aging persons are 65 or older, anyone who is an adult can be designated as aging. However, aging persons who are younger than 50 years old typically have a special situation that the CFCA project is addressing through sponsorship. For example, adults in their 20s, 30s and 40s who have special needs are classified as aging because they are no longer children but have a tremendous need for sponsorship as a result of physical or mental limitations.

Living conditions and life spans are different in each area of the world. CFCA feels it is best for those most familiar with the individual situations of the adults to determine their eligibility for the sponsorship program.

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