Mar 19 2009

Letter from a former street child in Kenya

By Angeline, a sponsored child in Kenya

AngelineMy name is Angeline. My mum was a businesswoman working in Uganda. I know nothing much about my dad as he never married my mother. I only hear stories about him.

When I was 5 years old, my mother got sick and died.

After my mother’s death, life was so hard. My sister and I joined my grandmother, who also was single. She worked on a farm to feed us.

My aunt lived in the Mathare, Nairobi, slums. She took me and I lived with her until I was 9. Life was very hard because she was selling onions and tomatoes and the little income she was earning was very little for the whole family. She decided to return me back to my grandmother’s home in upcountry.

After less than a year, my cousin and I planned to go back to Nairobi to look for jobs. But we never got a job and we didn’t find our aunt. We decided to start street life, whereby we were begging for food from hotels and slept on corridors along the buildings in town. Sometimes we used to get money and could rent lodging which was cheap.

I am focusing beyond the limit so that I can be a great Kenyan in the future. I thank CFCA for making me who I am. God bless CFCA.

Editor’s note: Angeline and her cousin eventually went to a rehabilitation house and then lived in two different children’s homes. The Kenyan government finally put Angeline back in school. Since being sponsored through CFCA in 2004, she is able to continue her education. Angeline hopes to attend a university and become a journalist.

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