Mar 9 2009

An opportunity for mothers

Dan Pearson, a member of CFCA International Programs, returned from a six-month assignment in India to learn more about CFCA programs, particularly mothers groups. He saw that the mothers will find their own direction when they have the opportunity to take action. Part one of four videos

Creating role models close to home (Part 4)
Mothers share their talents to improve their community (Part 3)
Support in a time of need (Part 2)
What do we mean by “empowerment?”

0 thoughts on “An opportunity for mothers”

  1. FANTASTIC! That’s lin reference to the mother’s group. I hope CFCA is able to start these mother’s group where ever there are chilren involved with CFCA.

    So glad I am involved with CFCA.

    Keep up the wonderful work


  2. Wonderful, what a great website….well done! I’m thankful to be a sponsor of a CFCA child. Love and prayers,
    Joyce O’Malley
    Scammon, Kansas 66773

    PS Cindy Batliner is my neice and Michelle Batliner is my great neice..l Love to you both and I’m proud that you work a CFCA.

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