Feb 10 2009

‘I’m going to miss your letters’

ìI truly hope, with all my heart that you are well because you deserve all blessings from this world.î

So begins the final letter from Karol to her sponsor of 10 years, Joseph Presper. Karol has finished her studies and is now working as a nurseís assistant at a hospital near her home. Because she has finished her university studies, it was time for Karol to be retired from the CFCA program. CFCA does not retire a person at a certain age. Instead, we walk with them until they have reached their educational goals.

Finishing her studies and graduating from the program was a bittersweet time for Karol. She writes, ìAt this moment there is also this great sadness in my heart Ö not only for your help but because I love you so very much and I am going to miss your letters, your news, knowing about your life and your family.î

Mr. Presper, a retired accountant,†says he used his letters to encourage Karol in her studies. He began to sponsor because he came to a point in his life when he realized he did not need more material possessions. There are so many others in the world who need so much, he said.

While he did not get the chance to visit Karol they both feel they grew close through their letters. Karol continues, ìI remember every single detail, all your letters, everything that youíve gone through, everything youíve shared with me, your support. Just imagine! I have your picture taped in my bedroom and anybody that comes in always asks me, whoís he? And I proudly answer, ëMy Godfather!íî

Karol had one last request of her Godfather: please sponsor another child. ìI would feel very happy to know that your beautiful light will light up the life of another child Ö there are many children of this world that need support, love and help to continue on, to bloom and change their own future.î

In this Valentine season where we can get lost in a sea of cards, chocolate, flowers and sentiment, we want to recognize the deep love that exists between a CFCA sponsor and sponsored friend. Karol closes her letter by saying, ìYou can be sure that there is someone that will always carry you in heart and mind. I will pray to God, everyday, to fill you with blessings, to keep you healthy. My life has been marked since I met you. Please, pray to God for me too, this is how we will continue to be united for eternity.î

Mr. Presper honored Karolís request and chose to sponsor another child.

5 thoughts on “‘I’m going to miss your letters’”

  1. How Touching. Brought Tears. I just started my sponsorship and I hope to continue for years to come and to touch a child’s life. Knowing how important letters are, they will be a priority for our family. I really enjoy reading updates and special stories. Please keep them coming.

  2. Thank you for the Newsletter. It reminds me to write to my friend Luz. I get wrapped up in my daily life and forget how much my letter means to her.

    Luz is a grown woman who neither can hear nor speak and her life must be very lonely. Your Newsletter reminds me how comforting a letter from a far away friend can be. Just to know that someone loves you, prays for you and keeps in touch.

    I promise to do better from now on.

    Catherine Lee

  3. this is truly a wonderful story, but it should–and could–have a better ending. the headline doesn’t have to be “i’m going to miss your letters.” it could be, “i’m going to continue looking forward to hearing from you and about your new sponsored child.” i would really like to see cfca consider changing their post-sponsoree non-contact policy when both parties desire that. what better way to honor that relationship than to at least make possible, if not encourage it, to continue at some level. i really hope that karol and mr. presper have not had to say good-bye for the last time.
    ken hobson

    1. Ken,

      We appreciate the sense of loss a sponsor might feel when a child leaves the sponsorship program, and we understand a sponsorís desire to initiate a direct relationship with their child outside of CFCA procedures and processes. Nevertheless, CFCA policy is not to facilitate direct contact between a former sponsor and child after the child is retired from the program, and CFCA oversight of the relationship ends. Our reasons are drawn from our experiences over 27 years.

      Our policy protects the privacy and well-being of both the child and the sponsor. During sponsorship, child and sponsor mailing addresses are not revealed, and all mail is processed through CFCA projects and our Kansas headquarters. CFCA staff members are always present when sponsor visits to their child are arranged. Our aim is to ensure that no inappropriate letters or in-person contact involve the children, and no inappropriate requests are made of the sponsor by the child, or other individuals or groups who might obtain the sponsorís address.

      Our policy is reviewed periodically but remains unchanged. The protection of the children and the privacy of our sponsors will always take priority over other considerations, no matter how well-meaning.

      Thank you for your concern regarding this topic and your support of CFCA.

      Sponsor Services

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