Jan 29 2009

Leprosy awareness

This week the global health community recognizes World Leprosy Awareness Week. Leprosy still affects more than 200,000 people each year, but the good news is that it is on the decline, and can be treated and prevented with proper medical attention.

Over half of the new cases detected in the world today are found in India. Ilene Adams, CFCA regional director for India, provides insight about people who live with leprosy.

For more information about the diagnosis and treatment of leprosy today, visit the World Health Organization Web site.

2 thoughts on “Leprosy awareness”

  1. just drop by to library and pick up one of the movie called molokai and that movie it make me cry then i started to goggle if is still existed and i’m shocked becuz i’ve never thought that is still exissted .

  2. wow, thanks. i happend to come across leper colony on wikiopedia as i was searching around starting with nelson mandella. i have to admit i had no idea this still existed. and to see these people, shunned from society, still living and being positive. you’re doing a wonderful thing. thanks for bringing this to my attention.

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