Jan 14 2009

CFCA helps families put food on the table

Soaring food prices in 2008 made it more difficult for CFCA families to feed themselves. Though prices have fallen some, a recent United Nations report predicts that the cost of food will remain high in the long run. To improve long-term food security, CFCA has awarded several food grants to help families grow and produce their own food.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/4199813 w=500&h=350]

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0 thoughts on “CFCA helps families put food on the table”

  1. Thanks for this slide show. I found it through Twitter. I just got done writing a letter to a new sponsored child of ours. She is from the Phillipines. We’ve only “had her” for about a month and so far I’ve written two letters. We’re looking forward to hearing back from her. Also, we’ve been sponsoring a boy from the Phillipines for about 10 years now. He is almost done with the program so we decided to sponsor another! It is thrilling and gratifying to get those letters in the mail!

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