Dec 29 2008

Notes from the Field #5 – Guatemala

Chris Palmer, CFCA mission awareness trip coordinator, talks about walking with the poor. During a recent trip to the CFCA project in San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala, Palmer spoke with CFCA board member emeritus Msgr. Greg Schaffer who spoke a simple truth, that we are not trying to “fix” the poor; the poor are not broken.

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  1. We have a sponsor child in Guatemala, but we don’t speak Spanish? If we went on a trip, would someone translate for us in meeting the child?

    Thank you

  2. Thank you for sharing this, Chris. I watched it as I began preparing mentally for my July 2011 trip to Guatemala with my teenager, and it helped me get some sense of what to expect!

  3. Thank you so much for this video Chris! I’m only 13, but I might be going on an awareness trip to Guatemala this summer. My family sponsors a boy there that is only a little bit younger than me. Thank you for all of the information you provided in this video! It has inspired me to commit myself to taking that trip!

  4. Chris,

    Thanks for this video. It would be great to see more like this one especially for those of us who haven’t made a visit yet. We have been thinking and praying a lot about our sponsored friend, Veronica, who will turn 15 this spring and your brief report helps.

  5. thank you for the great video
    it is a small way that i can feel closer to my sponsored friend Miguel who i sponsor through the Hermano Pedro IXT subproject
    At this time i am concerned that the boy i have sponsored for 5 years is experiencing some difficulties as i did not recieve Christmas greetings from him as i have in all other years.
    I am happy to watch this video, it fills my heart with hope.

  6. I was on that trip! It was wonderful! EVERY SPONSOR should try to go on a Mission Awareness Trip. If it is God’s will he will provide a way. Walking with the poor is truely amazing and spiritually fullfilling. It is also the best travel experience I have ever had. CFCA has everything planned and takes very good care of all participants.
    Chris, you have much wisdom for such a young guy :o)

  7. Great video, Chris! Those are really important thoughts to ponder. I was just in Guatemala and saw a CFCA building as we were traveling from Santiago de Atitlan around the lake on the way to Antigua. I’m looking forward to hearing more notes from the field in Guatemala. Muchas gracias!

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