Oct 16 2008

Little girl with a big heart ñ an example on World Food Day

Seven-year-old Mackinley Gabbert stopped by CFCA headquarters in Kansas City, Kan., earlier this month, clutching a crumpled paper bag.

The bag contained $18.87 Mackinley had raised over the weekend from a lemonade stand. She wanted to donate the money to charity.

After Sponsor Services representative Ruth Hubenthal explained the various options, Mackinley chose to give her money to CFCAís Food Crisis Assistance Fund.

†ìI want people to eat and I want them to have a lot of food,î she said.

Mackinleyís contribution will help CFCA sponsored members and their families afford the high cost of food. World food prices have risen 83 percent since 2005. Mackinleyís donation could buy a weekís worth of rice for a family of seven in the Philippines.

ìThe idea was all Mackinleyís,î said her father, Brice Gabbert, who accompanied her. Brice works across the parking lot from CFCA at Picture and Frame Industries.†

Instead of keeping the money, Mackinley said that giving to people in need made her feel good. She hopes other children will follow her example.

Thank you, Mackinley, for setting such a great example!

5 thoughts on “Little girl with a big heart ñ an example on World Food Day”

  1. hey! mackinly i didn’t know you did that your amazing :D
    almost been a year since we met going to camp friday :D

    Alyson M- (girls scout camp friend)

  2. Blessings on you, Mackinley. Your parents are doing a wonderful job of raising you with compassion and goodness. Keep up the good work!

  3. It is amazing how the children can set the example for the adults to follow. My family and I are sponsoring an 8 year old girl.
    Mackinley, Your family should be very proud of you. You are a wonderful little girl,and friend to the families you’ve helped.
    Thank You.

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