Sep 19 2008

“I’ve been waiting a very long time for you”

Sponsors Jack and Deanne Anderson visited their sponsored child, Jose, in Guatemala this year. Here Deanne describes the experience of meeting Jose.

When you listen to the words of Bob Hentzen’s song ìLove the Childrenî not much else needs to be said. Our trip to Guatemala proved to be one of the most beautiful and meaningful events we have experienced in a long time.

Jack and I have been blessed with three children and seven grandchildren. We are a close family and we have many dear friends. We have traveled all over the world, but nothing prepared us for what we experienced going to Guatemala to meet our sponsored child, Jose.

Immediately upon our arrival Bob and his staff made us feel like we were special. We had no idea what was in store for us. That night we met the people we would be spending the week with and got to know a little more about CFCA. Next morning we loaded into the vans and off we went on a three-hour journey to the CFCA project. The welcome we received was that of royalty or movie stars. The children were all cheering and their band was playing. It was unbelievable. That evening after dinner the sponsored children gave a performance. The first of a nightly event we all looked forward to.

Sponsor Deanne meets her sponsored child, Jose, in Guatemala.

Sponsor Deanne meets her sponsored child, Jose, in Guatemala.

Monday was the day Jack and I had been waiting for; we were going to meet Jose, our sponsored child. The emotions we felt the moment we saw him cannot be put into words, or if I did try it would take many pages of typing. His mom, dad, and little niece came with him so there was lots of hugging and tears. Then came the joy and excitement of getting to know each other through a great interpreter. Again, I wish I could share each moment of the time we spent together. All the sponsored children gave a little performance and Jose’s was a beautiful poem he wrote for Jack and me. Well more tears and hugs followed. We took lots and lots of pictures and loved each minute we had with him.

Finally, it was time to say goodbye. Again, more hugs and tears of joy when we knew we would be back again to visit this very special child the Lord brought into our lives. One thing I must share are the words of Jose when he looked at Jack and I with tears in his eyes and said, “I’ve been waiting a very long time for you.”

Each day brought a new project to visit, with warm, loving and grateful people of the land to meet and make us feel so very special. Bob Hentzen and everyone connected with CFCA are gifts from the Lord helping us to LOVE THE CHILDREN.

Please know these are only a few words of the three pages I started with. If you have the opportunity to visit your sponsored child, PLEASE GO. If not, the other most important thing you can do is write often. Let them know you are thinking of them and praying for them.

Thank you Bob, CFCA and each one of you giving, caring and loving staff. Because of you our trip was blessed, as you made it a wonderful journey for everyone there. We will be back and several of our grandchildren have expressed a desire to come along with us.

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0 thoughts on ““I’ve been waiting a very long time for you””




  2. sigan adelante …que buen proyecto dios los bendiga— saludos a todos —en special a CFCA ….GUATE—-



  3. this touches my heart
    god bless
    i see the ponsored children who have posted here and i am happy
    i am so happy and proud to sponsor our Ahijado Miguel en San Lucas Toliman Guatemala It has been 5 years now He has just celebrated his 11th birthday. We have stood together our families through many of life’s challenges. Miguel lost his dear father to illness. He has been able to leave the difficult environment of his mothers to live happily with his cousins at his grandparents home.
    Miguel has blossomed into a beautiful and active young man with the help of CFCA. I am forever grateful to Bob Hentzen and the CFCA staff for bringing our two families together. Our family with continue to walk alongside Miguelito and his dear family for many more years to come. It is our wish to provide our dear sponsored child with the opportunity to attend high school and college! If you haven’t become a sponsor yet….what are you waiting for? Even in these most difficult financial tmes we always have our sponsorship fee! It is as if God provides it! Somehow, in all these 5 years te money has always been there! Over the years we were blessed to meet online a woman in Quatemala city who will put together and deliver gift baskets to our dear Ahijado! and of course we send him small items and letters through traditional mail
    Being Miguels Madrina has meant so very much to me and at the end of a long and trying day when i sit down to relax and look back on my day…there is the picture of Miguel and his dear family to remind me of what’s really important in this life. Peace friends, Lj

    Gracias a la madrina de mi hija la seÒora SARAH WEAVER por la oportunidad de asumir una buena causa,de compartir un pedacito de su corazon con la niÒa.

    espero algun dia conocerla,GRACIAS

  5. hi! i’am the one of the member of cfca at regionV, albay…
    from now on i want to thankful the cfca foundation because of your support i finish my studies and i had a good job. my sponsor is Uncle Andy and antie Bicky i didn’t know his/her familyname… i want to thank them and i want to say them i love you and i miss them so much…

  6. It was great Deanne visiting Jose. Thank you so much you people. May God bless all of you who are doing that great work. I am a sponsored child here in Uganda. We love you people for the work you are extending to us. Big thanks go to my sponsor Helen, may God bless you always. You have done a great job to change my life positively, thank you so much.

  7. I am happy for Jose. I hope and pray for Deanne and Bob, the president of CFCA, that the good Lord may guide you and also grant you wisdom, knowledge and understanding.
    God bless you.

  8. I enjoyed reading about your visit with Jose. I have a sponsored baby in the Philippines. I hope someday to do the same. Thanks for sharing

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