Sep 30 2008

Budding journalists record benefits distribution in Tanzania

With no prior video experience, two office assistants at CFCAís project in Tanzania have captured a recent benefits distribution day at the project office in Tegeta.

Emma, 19 and formerly sponsored, operated the video camera, while 21-year-old Freddie played host. Minor edits and subtitles have been added to the short clip.

Itís hard to tell from his confident presentation that a few years ago, Freddie was ìpathologically shy,î Project Coordinator Mary Dawn Reavey said. His confidence gradually improved after becoming sponsored several years ago. Besides attending high school, Freddie helps translate letters for the project.

Emma helps with project photos and discovered the cameraís video button by accident. Reavey said he has a gift for training and teaching.

Sponsored members visit the project office monthly to collect nutritional benefits, including maize flour, rice, sugar and supermix ujióa high-protein porridge. Once every quarter, sponsored members receive hygiene benefitsósuch as toothbrushes, toothpaste and bar soapóin addition to the nutritional items. Members also receive help with education, health care and home repairs.

The young men promised to send more video clips of day-to-day life in Tanzania.

3 thoughts on “Budding journalists record benefits distribution in Tanzania”

  1. this is real impressive to the most need children are receiving their gifts. I was workin with former cfca as educational coordinator

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Freddie! (I sure hope CFCA staff sends these comments to you, so I can thank you personally.)

    I only went to this blog site out of curiosity when it was mentioned in the newsletter I got today. When I saw the entry on Tanzania, I quickly opened it because my sponsored child is from Tanzania — her name is Siwajibu — and I know almost nothing about that country.

    I’ve also been a very poor correspondent, hoping that my support payments would somehow let her know I love her even though I seldom write. I pray and trust that your video will now change how little I’ve been writing! Your video of the boy with his Spiderman card gave me ideas of what I might send Siwajibu. And the joy and delight of that boy in getting such a simple card inspired me! I was also inspired by the shining beauty and love of both the narrator, Freddie, and that child and his family.

    Thank you, Freddie, for your love of these families that led you to make this video! Thank you for creating pictures that touched my heart very deeply. Please DO keep creating such videos to show me more about Tanzania and CFCA families.

  3. That was an awesome video. I always need reminded to send letters to my sponsored friend. And this was a very touching reminder of how much joy it brings the kids.

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