Aug 18 2008

Raksabandhana: An expression of solidarity

On August 16, many people in India observed a holiday called Raksabandhana. It is a celebration of the bonds of love that exist between a brother and sister. The family gathers for a big meal, and to watch the brother and sister perform a traditional ceremony.

You may know that one of our employees, Dan Pearson, is currently living with his family in Hyderabad, India, for 6 months to support CFCA’s work in Asia.

Dan’s family sponsors a little girl in Hyderabad, and she asked them to visit her home during Raksabandhana. She said she wanted to celebrate the day with her American brothers and sister (Dan’s children).

Dan sent us photos of Bindu, his sponsored child (in orange), performing the ceremony with her brother:

First, the sister puts the red bindi paint on her brother's forehead.

First, the sister puts the red bindi paint on her brother

Then she ties a bracelet on his wrist.

Then she ties a bracelet on his wrist.

Finally, she gives him some kind of cookie or sweet.

Dan wrote to us and said, ìBoys and men keep wearing the bracelets for several days, it appears. I took mine off the next morning, but I have seen a lot of men and boys in public who still have their bracelets on.î

Our weekly prayer e-mails began today, featuring Raksabandhana. We recognize that all of humanity, each one of us, are brothers and sisters to one another, bound by the love of one God. It is in that spirit that we offer prayers for our family around the world. May we all grow in our expression of solidarity, just as Bindu showed Danís family this past weekend.

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  1. Thank you for creating this site and allowing us to communicate and pray together. I love reading about the beautiful traditions such as Raksbandhana. Giving us knowledge such as this brings us even closer together. I feel privileged to be part of CFCA. Mary Ann Cleary

  2. Yet another wonderful story telling what the people of CFCA are about. My wife and I are so happy and privileged to be members of this wonderful fraternity.

  3. This s a lovely practice. My husband’s oncolgist had several of these braclets on when he came to visit us in the hospital. I was able to develop a very warm relationship with him . We chated much of his faith and customs. I am so happy to know more about the beautiful people of India. Thank-you for the story an pictures.

  4. Thank you for include me in the weekly prayer.
    I¥d like join my mind with the world in a pray.
    I know with faith in God. He is my chief, my father, my guide in my live, in my home.
    I liked a lot to know about RAKSABANDHANA.

    Thank you, Sonia, Costa Rica

  5. I am the last of my four siblings (I am 80 years young), and I include each of them in my daily prayers. It is lovely to know that there is a special day, Raksabandhana, to remember them with special days. I believe I will adopt the day for my family in the years to come. Thank you for this way of expressing our love for our family bonds.

    1. Aunt Dorothy,
      I found your name – we haven’t heard from you in a wile. Please let us know about you!
      Love you,
      your niece,

  6. This sounds like a wonderful holiday. Iam so glad I read about it. I think I would like to start a special day like that in my home. My children are grown,19 and 26, but I believe it is never too late to have a special day. Thanks so much for sharing.

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