Aug 12 2008

International Youth Day – You can!

Today is International Youth Day – a day designated to draw attention to youth issues worldwide.

Recently, youth from the Kansas City area created this video to share with other teens why it’s important to care about people living in developing countries and why it’s important to help: because teens CAN make a difference.

We hope you enjoy their video!

[youtube w=500&h=350]

We can all make a difference. How are you involved in global poverty issues? Let us know!

0 thoughts on “International Youth Day – You can!”

  1. This was a very well done video. I thought the message came through very clear. It’s so simple to sponsor through CFCA and the money is used very carefully. We are capable of making a big diferance in someones life. The video showed in many ways how sponsoring can help. Thank you to those who took the time to make this clip.

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