Aug 8 2008

Bob’s report: July visit to Guatemala


p style=”text-align:left;”>Mission awareness trip
July 12 – 19, 2008

Alcida and Kevin

Sunday morning in Guatemala City finds us hosting not only the arriving sponsors but a special sponsored family as well. Alcida came to thank the sponsors and especially sponsor Sylvia for all they are doing for her youngest son, Kevin. Alcida has a good husband who works as a stockman in a warehouse.

Alcida and Kevin

Alcida and Kevin

This loving family has also been confronted with challenges. Kevin, enthusiastic and likable at 14, was diagnosed at age 10 with a serious kidney problemóserious enough that the doctors are currently considering a transplant, with the mother as donor. During his nine years of sponsorship, Kevin has continued to excel in his studies. His hope and dream is to go on to higher studies. Kevinís mother expresses that he is an inspiration to her and to the family.††

At home in Iximche

At the Mayan Ruins of Iximche, we were blessed with a cool and breezy morning. The children, mothers and staff from the CFCA project in Patzun had prepared folkloric numbers. They seemed to fit naturally in our open-air theater. The outfits, dance numbers and songs demonstrate great love and creativity.

Sponsors were able to visit the ruins and then enjoyed a hot lunch under the high pine trees. We take our leave and make our way through the highlands and on to San Lucas Toliman in time for the 5:00 p.m. Mass. We are fortunate to have Father Greg Shaffer here in San Lucas.

Sponsor Andrea with Martha (far right) and family. Martha sang for us in her native Tzutuhil language.

Sponsor Andrea with Martha (far right) and family. Martha sang for us in her native Tzutuhil language.

My estimate is that over 400 sponsored children, youth, aging, staff and sponsors spent this July day with us. The day was as they sayÖìAlegreî (happy). Every sponsored person was present and accounted for, traveling from many corners of this country. The sponsored shared about their home areas, their families, their hobbies and their studies. Several sponsored children stood before this audience and recited poems they had composed for their sponsors.†

Featuring Israel Itzol

Director of Finance Israel Itzol, one of the many pillars of CFCA-Guatemala.

Director of Finance Israel Itzol, one of the many pillars of CFCA-Guatemala.

Israel Itzol is one of the many pillars of CFCA Guatemala. As Director of Finance, his responsibilities are great. I personally share a small office with Israel, plus two other members of the finance team. I believe that the calmness and accuracy of Israel comes from his forethought and his Mayan work ethic. He has what co-founder Jerry Tolle used to call ìsits and flash,î the ability to sit down and dedicate oneself to a job until itís done and done well.

Welcome Risen Christ

We are pleased to welcome to CFCA-Guatemala 14 members from Risen Christ Parish in Denver, Colo. With the encouragement and leadership of CFCA advocate Richard Swan, these dynamic young people are on a mission trip to visit their sponsored children and to do service projects in the Parish of San Lucas Toliman.

On to El Salvador

Four of us, including my wife Cristina and myself, leave for El Salvador to join the final days of the mission awareness trip there.


Bob Hentzen
From Guatemala

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  1. I am truly thankful that my husband and I were part of the July 2008 MAT to Guatemala. The beauty of the people and the country touched my heart in a way that is difficult to describe. The CFCA staff was wonderful, too. Their dedication and love for the people of Guatemala was readily evident throughout our trip. Meeting Bob and Cristina was a wonderful treat, too!

    Though the CFCA staff worked tirelessly to show us, the sponsors, their appreciation for us, we are the ones who should be thanking them. The work being done by CFCA is nothing short of miraculous. Meeting sponsored friends and their family drove home to us the imporance of that work.

    I am so thankful that God blessed us with the chance to participate in this trip. We met wonderful people, both those of Guatemala, and the other sponsors. This experience was life-altering for us. I’m sure we will participate in MATs in the future.

    It is my fervent prayer that the work of CFCA continue to be blessed by the Lord. I pray, too, that other sponsors take advantage of the opportunity a MAT presents. It is an experience no one should miss.

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