Jul 23 2008

Givers’ high

It’s like a runner’s high, except it keeps on giving as long as you do! And now it’s laboratory tested.

Researchers have concluded that “giving unto others” produces a strong dose of happiness for the giver. According to a study published in March by researchers at the University of British Columbia and the Harvard Business School, there is scientific proof that financial generosity makes a person happier. The reward comes to donors large and small. From large Bill Gates-sized contributions to the normal working personís offering, itís not in the size of the donation, but in the act of giving. The UBC press release HERE explains it in greater detail.

The study states that people experience the same kind of physical endorphin rush from making charitable donations as runners get when they’re “in the zone.”

So, in scientific terms, giving a one-time donation is like a jolt of joy, and sponsoring a child or aging person is like a happiness marathon.

ADDED BENEFIT: Learning from those we sponsor

A sponsor told us that his family helps support Vanessa who is interested in science and lives in the Guatemala rainforest. They find spiritual enrichment through sharing their lives with Vanessa and her family. But also, theyíve learned more about nature from Vanessaís letters and have become more conscious about recycling and being caretakers of the environment.

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