May 28 2008

Bob’s report: May visit to Guatemala

Mission Awareness Trip
May 10-17, 2008

Just within the last month, we celebrated the April 2008 Mission Awareness Trip to Guatemala, the Latin American Staff Encounter, the Organizational Audit of Project Hermano Pedro and a week’s trip to Chile. I am filled with gratitude and pleased to bring you this news of our May 2008 MAT trip to Guatemala. In spite of the recent loss of his daughter, Renee, sponsor Jerry Menard is here with us. We are inspired by his spirit. On May 15, the Feast of San Isidro Labrador, Father Greg Schaffer offered Holy Mass for Renee, Jerry and their family, with all the sponsors and the elementary school children in attendance.

Search and rescueóCFCA style
When sponsor Laina visited Guatemala in May 2005, her sponsored boy Cesar had dropped out of school—this in spite of a good academic record. As the oldest boy, he had gone off to the capital city in search of work in order to help his family. We struggled to locate Cesar during the MAT and the effort really paid off. Laina and I talked with Cesar and his mother. Laina offered to help his family during these years of schooling. Happily Cesar returned home and went back to school. Cesar will graduate as a young professional accountant later this year. Laina wants to make an Individual Sponsor Visit to attend his graduation.

Touching Mother’s Day story
During our first Sunday morning in Guatemala City, we were deeply touched by the testimonies of a single mother, Mari, her sponsored son Kevin, 11, and little daughter Kimberly, 6.

A few years ago, the family moved to Guatemala City from the countryside. In her poverty, she was able to attend only two grades of elementary school. Mari married young. She found herself facing life alone when the father of the children left and remarried. In the last six months, Kevin had two surgeries to correct herniasóthis with the loving help of his sponsor. He is a confident boy. He offered an emotional dramatization of a poem about his grandmother. Lively Kimberly spoke, too, thanking the sponsors for helping her brother and sadly lamenting the split up of her parents.

When I mentioned to the sponsors that Kimberly was not yet sponsored, it took Jerry Menard about three seconds to step forward and sponsor her. Tomorrow, we will bring Kimberly out to San Lucas to spend the day with Jerry.

Thanks for your solidarity and prayers. Cristina and I now head to Venezuela for another mission awareness trip, then to the Nicaragua Staff Encuentro meeting, followed by a Colombia MAT and then up to Kansas City for our exciting annual gathering. We look forward to seeing each of you. God’s blessings.

Bob Hentzen

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  1. Dear Bob,

    CFCA has done a wonderful thing in creation of this Blog, and you are doing a wonderful service writing about your trips around the world…

    For us sponsors, it gives us the chance to gain some perspective in a specific region or country and somewhat offers a personal connection across the many thousands of miles away to our sponsored child…

    Thank you for sharing the story of Laina & Cesar in this article. This is truly inspirational. I currently sponsor two vocational candidates in the Hermano Pedro Project discerning a call to the priesthood. I’m so proud of them both for continuing their education, but more importantly hearing the call of God and answering it.

    May God Bless you & Cristina for all that you,

    Daniel Arthur

  2. My name is Patty Moyer. My husband Karl and I have been on one of your May mission trips to Guatemala. We have been sponsoring two boys for some years now one of which we added on our mission trip to Guatemala a few years back.

    I have been involved in getting more children sponsored through the Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa as well, in San Luis Obispo, California since that visit.

    My husband just passed away this week after a six month battle with cancer, and my son and I would like to take a trip to visit our kids there in memory of my husband. It is possible my older son might join us, but we would like to have a spot on the waiting list for at least two of us and perhaps three if it opens up on December 26, 2008.

    I so enjoyed the article in the St. Anthony Messenger. My husband and I met Henry on our last trip. Say hi for us. My son, Kurtis, is a Sociology major graduate from UC Santa Cruz, here in California and is looking for some way to help people. He is fluent in Spanish, and I hope that this trip will inspire him in his search for his purpose. Please contact Bob and let him know that I am hoping he can inspire him to give back to the Mayan people there in some way.

    If there are other trips planned later this year not listed on your website, they too would be of interest to us. If we can’t get in this year, please consider us for your trips next year as well.


    Patty Moyer

    P.S. Please correct your mailings to reflect my name in the future instead of Karl and Patty/Patricia Moyer.

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