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Jun 23 2011

Sponsorship: ‘Walking together not just with your feet, but your heart’

Cathy Crosby, a CFCA board member, joined Walk2gether during the last leg of its journey through Chile. Here is her reflection on the nearly 8,000-mile walk through 12 countries to show solidarity with those living in poverty.

“La palabra es gratitud.” (The word for the day is gratitude.)

CFCA President Bob Hentzen’s words gathered us in a circle hours before dawn in the rain, the morning of Walk2gether’s last day.

Cathy Crosby, CFCA board member

Cathy Crosby

Dead birds and dry riverbeds along our route had offered silent witness to the plight of the people.

Gratitude for the rain underscored our thanks for months of safety, the gift of one another, and most of all the countless gifts from sponsored friends and their families.

Connection, connectedness and unity (not uniformity) are threads woven through my Walk2gether experience.

These words hint at, but fail to capture, the profound interconnections that are the heart of CFCA.

CFCA and its Hope for a Family sponsorship program are built on loving relationship, beginning with Jesus’ love for his heavenly Father, his earthly parents, each person he encountered, and extending to all of creation.

As a sponsor, I have been privileged to travel to Guatemala and Kenya to be with my sponsored children and their families. That relationship is foundational. Our prayers, letters and photos keep us connected.

Walking is a powerful reminder of our connection to our earth as well as one another.

When walking in darkness or slippery mud, we must take care with each step, often directly in the footsteps of the walkers in front. Those following will step into our footprints.

In daylight we share creation’s countless small gifts: a lingering wildflower, a spectacular cloud formation.

Gravity grounds us and binds us to our planet, yet our spirits soar as each mile unites us as companions on our life journeys.

A sliver of fingernail moon, waves crashing over the seawall, distant mountains and huge sand dunes: these images integrate each physical step with an awareness that our careless misuse of God’s gifts contributes to the burden of our sisters and brothers living in poverty.

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Jun 21 2011

Twitter chat with CFCA President Bob Hentzen (#cfcachat)

Yesterday we conducted a Twitter chat with CFCA President Bob Hentzen. Here’s the coverage (from beginning to end):

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Jun 17 2011

9 images to recap our Walk2gether memories

CFCA President Bob Hentzen, accompanied by a core team of walkers, completed a historic 17-month, nearly 8,000-mile solidarity walk through Latin America on June 6.

During the 17-month adventure, certain images have become associated with the journey for participants and spectators. We’ve compiled nine of them in this list:

Camper: This 1983 Toyota Dolphin, a “home away from home,” has led virtually every leg of the walk through 12 countries.

It was a refuge for Hentzen and his wife, Cristina, as well as a sign that the walkers were nearby.

Footwear: Every walker, including Hentzen, swore by a good pair of shoes and socks.
Safety vest: Bright orange and yellow vests alerted drivers to be cautious.
Water: Walkers hydrated every six kilometers.
Fruit: Fruit provided the necessary carbohydrates and nourishment to keep walkers going throughout the day.
Coffee: A hot cup of coffee not only helped the walkers battle lack of sleep, but it also warmed the body on mornings when the temperature dipped into the 40s.
Hat: No seasoned walker could do without this protection from the intense sun.
Mobile toilet: The walk has passed through some remote areas. The mobile toilet was a welcome relief when nature called.
Tooth fairy: Javiera, a sponsored girl from Catapilco, Chile, lost her tooth on Walk2gether!

She and her mother, Ximena, along with several other sponsored members and their families, joined the walkers the morning of June 4.

What are your favorite Walk2gether memories/images? Feel free to add them in the comments below!

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Jun 9 2011

Watch a video of the Walk2gether finale

Our communications team has done an amazing job covering the last days and moments of Walk2gether as it finished June 6 in Valparaiso, Chile. We’re excited to share the following video with you!

Walk2gether, a nearly 8,000-mile walk through 12 countries to show our solidarity with families living in poverty, has ended. But itís not too late to help CFCA President Bob Hentzen reach his goal of getting 8,000 children sponsored! Check our Facebook page for more details.

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Jun 7 2011

Check back for more coverage of Walk2gether

Sheila Myers, a member of the CFCA communications department, sent us this report of Walk2gether’s finale.

She was at yesterday’s celebrations in Chile marking the end of Walk2gether, the nearly 8,000-mile CFCA solidarity walk through 12 countries.

Please check back in the following weeks and months for more about Walk2gether, including a video of the end of the walk!

Note: CFCA President Bob Hentzen will also be featured on a Twitter chat starting at noon CST on June 20. Anyone interested in hearing from him may tweet their questions to @CFCA using the #cfcachat hashtag.

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Jun 6 2011

Walk2gether solidarity walks around the world

Walk2gether solidarity walks in Uganda and Colombia

Left is a CFCA community in Busunju, Uganda, participating in a solidarity walk with Walk2gether on May 21. Right is a CFCA community in Antioquia, Colombia, in another solidarity walk May 26.

Update:†Walk2gether, the nearly 8,000-mile journey by CFCA President Bob Hentzen and others,†has crossed the finish line in ValparaÌso, Chile! See our news report.

The walk is Bob’s labor of love to shed light on families living in poverty and the benefits of child sponsorship.

For many CFCA communities around the world, Chile is a long way away ñ particularly if you’re living in Asia, Africa or even Central America.

That’s why they have hosted solidarity walks of their own! Here’s a list of recent and upcoming solidarity walks and celebrations around the world:

CountryAct of solidarity
GuatemalaSince Walk2getherís launch Dec. 29, 2009, CFCA communities in Guatemala have continued solidarity walks on the 29th of every month. They are preparing a special celebration June 24-26, with a solidarity walk June 26.
El SalvadorThe CFCA staff in Santa Ana has organized 26 solidarity walks all on June 5 from different parts of the country. Each walk will end with a Thanksgiving Mass and festivals.
  • A number of CFCA communities in the Ocotepeque project are taking turns to host solidarity walks from June 1 to June 7, culminating in a short walk and thanksgiving Mass in the parish of San Jose Ocotepeque.
  • Sixteen CFCA communities in the Santa Barbara project walked June 4 in solidarity and watched Walk2gether videos and other community presentations.
Costa RicaThe CFCA office is preparing several activities for the end of the walk, including a solidarity walk, drawing and poetry contests, a thanksgiving Mass and other cultural events.
VenezuelaThe CFCA office in Barquisimeto expected about 300 people to participate in a Mass, solidarity walk of about 19 miles (30 kilometers) and cultural activities on June 5.
  • Solidarity walks are taking place in the Cartagena, Quibdo and Cali projects.
  • The Manos Abiertas project will feature a community meal on June 30 reflecting on Walk2gether.
  • The Antioquia project had a walk-related gathering June 4 with cultural activities and refreshments.
  • The Bogot· project presented a handmade scrapbook to Bob featuring walk photos and well wishes from its staff members.
  • The Guadalupe project will have a solidarity walk June 25.
  • The Merida project had a solidarity walk May 29.
  • The Santa Catarina project had a field day celebrating the end of the walk May 28.
  • The Cuernavaca project will feature a “chain of solidarity actions,” or a pay-it-forward system where sponsored friends do a good deed, big or small, for another person and have a festival gathering today (June 6).
Dominican RepublicCFCA staff members will serve meals to the elderly in a nursing home along with other cultural and recreational activities in solidarity with the walk.
PhilippinesOn June 5, an estimated 130,000 people participated in solidarity walks all across the communities served by the five CFCA projects in the Philippines.
MadagascarSponsored friends and parents of CFCA’s three communities served in the Antsirabe project will walk toward an open space in South Antsirabe for a prayer and worship service to celebrate the end of Walk2gether. The combined number of miles walked will be about 11 miles (17 kilometers). About 5,000 people are expected.
  • The Meru project is planning a one-day activity to show solidarity with Bob and the walkers today (June 6).
  • The Kisumu project had a solidarity walk of 18 kilometers on April 29.
  • In Nairobi, the project expects about 200 people to come to the Nairobi Arboretum for a solidarity walk.
UgandaThe Kampala project had a solidarity walk and did community service May 21.
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May 31 2011

Walk2gether passes from desert to fertile valleys

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Bob Hentzen recently wrote to the CFCA headquarters from the road in Chile. You can see the full update on his Facebook page.

Sixty-nine days in the Atacama Desert of northern Chile have been very inspiring.

Some describe the desert as Tierra de Nada ni Nadie (Land of Nothing and Nobody). On Walk2gether, we have had a much different experience.

In the silence of the long treks, I find myself comparing the survival struggle of the young desert plants to the daily struggle of our sponsored members and their families, as well as those waiting for sponsorship.

These humble families honor us with their invitation to walk with them from the desert of their isolation to the fertile valleys of their hope.

As I write this, we are walking in a zone of olive trees, vegetable gardens, cypress trees and vineyards. I see signs of wildlife along the road, as well as domestic livestock sporting woolly winter coats.

Knowing full well that itís winter ahead, we stride directly into the cold winds, moving south into the lives of Godís humble people. We are usually able to take our first steps of the morning around 3 a.m.

The Camanchaca fog is cold and mysterious, yet through it all, we know that the Southern Cross is ever present to guide us, as is Godís love and your love. I walk in awe of natureís colors and harmonies as she responds to centuries-old Pacific currents and Antarctic airs.

All of this causes me to reflect and pray in gratitude for this experience. Iím grateful for the opportunity for growth through relationships with my co-workers and the dear families who live here in Chile and in the other countries where CFCA serves. Exciting days are with us as we approach the finale.

Loved ones from our natural family and our CFCA family are beginning to gather in Chile as we near Valparaiso. Believe me, you are helping us all to rise and begin anew each day of our journey. Please know of our love and thanks.

May 29, 2011

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