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Sep 17 2012

Former scholar in El Salvador now works for CFCA

We can’t say enough good things about our co-workers in the field! They are often the first face of CFCA that our sponsored children and aging friends see.

Jenny Cruz, CFCA staffer in El Salvador

Jenny Cruz, CFCA staffer in El Salvador.

We especially wanted to share Jenny’s story. She started working for CFCA-El Salvador in March 2003.

This is what her colleague, Naresli Calito, says about her: “All families in the sponsorship program and CFCA staff members know her name. She is very responsible and an honest leader in her work area. She knows her potential and she gives her best at work.”

When did you first hear about CFCA?

A [CFCA] social worker came to my house and said, “We want to find sponsors for these two children,” and they were my brother Melvin and my sister Alba.

After they were sponsored, [CFCA] offered me a scholarship in 2001. I remained a scholar until my high school graduation.

How was the experience as a CFCA scholar?

It was a learning experience. Through my community service at the project, I learned everything about the social workers’ job and thanks to that, after I graduated from high school, CFCA offered me a part-time job.

I worked side by side with social workers. They told me, “A number of mothers and their sponsored children will come; you will supervise their letter writing.”

Almost 100 children would make a line for me to review their letters! Read more

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Jun 22 2012

Emma, CFCA scholarship student from Costa Rica

By Emma, a CFCA scholar who studies social work at the University of Costa Rica branch at San RamÛnEmma, CFCA scholarship student

Since I was little, my mother always told us, ìYou, your sister and I are family.î And itís true. My mom is Francisca, my sister, Milagro, and yours truly.

This May, it will be 20 years since my father passed away, which means weíve never had a fatherís presence. However, Mom always made an effort to keep us moving forward and to give us, within her means, what we needed.

My mother has worked as a maid since she was 11 years old. Her earnings and the pension we receive for my fatherís death are the only income we have at home.

The CFCA scholarship is a great blessing for my family. Itís a great help for my mother so that she doesnít have to worry about helping me with money to pay for my studies.

I think that without the scholarship, I wouldnít have entered the university because I didnít have the means to do so. All that I have achieved in academics has been thanks first to God, and next to CFCA as a foundation and then to the scholarship because I have been able to pay for all the necessities. Read more

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Jun 12 2012

‘Rise and Dream’ CFCA scholar graduates in the Philippines

Xarina, CFCA scholar, graduates in the Philippines

Xarina, CFCA scholar and one of the teens featured in the CFCA documentary film, ‘Rise and Dream,’ graduates from nursing school in the Philippines.

In this season of graduations and young adults entering a new chapter of their lives, we have a very special graduation story to share with you!

Xarina, one of the CFCA scholars featured in our “Rise and Dream” documentary film, graduated this May with a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

“When I received my diploma, I was very happy,” Xarina said.

Xarina learned to play the kulintangan and other traditional Filipino instruments as part of her training for the concert in Zamboanga.

The “Rise and Dream” film follows the story of 13 teens living in poverty in the Philippines, who embark on a journey to discover their heritage and perform in a once-in-a-lifetime concert for their community.

We touched base briefly with Xarina in August 2010, when she answered a few of our questions for her about nursing school and the challenges she had faced there.

“As I am getting close to finishing this course, I encountered lots of challenges and greater responsibility in taking care of others is required,” she had said. “I’m still scared if I can cope with the demands of this course but, one thing I’m very sure Ö I will really become a NURSE.”

Her story, as well as the stories of 12 other teenagers, is featured in the “Rise and Dream” film.

(Note: If you live in the Kansas City area, we’d love for you to attend our screening of “Rise and Dream” at 3 p.m. Saturday, June 30, at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. Tickets are available here. The 7 p.m. screening has sold out of tickets!)

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Sep 30 2011

Girl power: They deserve an education, too

Lucy, CFCA scholar, and Rabuna, a sponsored childIn patriarchal societies, like those in many Tanzania communities, sponsorship enables girls to pursue their education.

The Hope for a Family program in the Dar es Salaam project is aiming to level the playing field in a culture that typically gives boys priority in education.

Girls who wish to continue their education may receive help through sponsorship, providing alternatives to early marriage. The CFCA Scholarship Program provides additional help for older female students.

In a place where most young girls only finish primary school, the CFCA program in Tanzania offers another possibility for them to accomplish their dreams. Lucy is an example of a young woman benefiting from this opportunity.

Read Lucy’s story.

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Jun 30 2011

CFCA scholar success stories: In their words

CFCA 2010 Filipino scholars

A group of Filipino CFCA scholars convene in 2010. The scholarship program gives participants an opportunity to meet regularly for mutual advice and support.

Our scholarship program helps youth and young adults continue their education at secondary schools, technical schools and university programs. Here are some beautiful testimonies from current and former CFCA scholars in the Philippines.

Regina: “Being part of the scholarship program is a dream comes true. I cannot imagine my college life without it. After a year of experiences and opportunities, I know that I am ready to face the challenges of my studies without any hesitation. … In fact, I am the only child [in my family] privileged to have college education and because of that, I feel so blessed.”

Karen: “I already graduated from college. For some, this achievement is just normal. But for me who persevered and really strived hard to reach this goal, I treasure it as a great achievement in life. For my education is worth the hardship of my grandparents in the farm field just to send me to school. The hardship I encountered when I must be in school without any amount of money and borrowed from others to have something to eat when I am hungry; the hardships when I walked from school miles away to be home; the patience in getting a special examination permit just to have the examination on time and the love and passion in doing all the projects and assignments; I surpassed [all these] and I am now a teacher.”

Marco: “The CFCA Scholarship Program has a great purpose as it never fails to conduct ethical and enjoyable activities that have brought positive changes to everyone. … CFCA does not only care for us students, but also for our families.”

Renebeth: “I am very grateful to God because I became part of this wonderful foundation: the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging (CFCA). Through CFCA my life made great changes. I was a young lady with no sense of direction before. When I joined the CFCA Scholarship Program I learned to direct myself for a good life with the help of kind and caring people in CFCA around me and with the help of God. We are one bigger family where you can have friends, brothers, sisters, lots of parents and staff to love and be loved.”

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Jun 27 2011

CFCA scholar Jayson: ‘How blessed I am’

Jayson is a young man sponsored as a child in CFCA’s Hope for a Family program in the Philippines. He reflects on his first day of college with gratitude for what sponsorship has done for his education and life.

I became part of the CFCA sponsorship program in 2003. Now I am a first-year college student taking a bachelor’s degree in education.

Jayson, CFCA scholar

Jayson, CFCA scholar

I can still remember my first day as a college student. As I left our house and walked along the street, I saw a little boy crying. I asked him why he was crying.

He answered, ìI am crying because I only have a notebook and a pen to use in school.î

I realized that I am lucky to be part of the CFCA family receiving a complete set of school supplies before the school year.

I reached the jeepney stop and rode a jeep. Inside the vehicle, I saw a young woman taking pictures of the Mayon Volcano and LigÒon Hill, two tourist spots in Legazpi.

I thought, I am thankful because I have already seen those beautiful views when we had our field trip hosted by CFCA.

When I arrived at school, I noticed that it might rain but had nothing to worry about. I have my umbrella, given by the sponsorship program.

While I was walking, I saw a boy sitting under a tree. He looked sick.

Again, I told myself how lucky I am because CFCA allowed us to undergo medical and dental checkups annually. CFCA also provided vitamins and prescribed medicines for us to become healthy.

Read more

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