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Jun 1 2012

How bank accounts can help empower families in poverty

Did you know that about half of the world’s people ñ more than 2.5 billion adults ñ do not have a bank account?

Jayamma in India withdraws money from her bank account

Jayamma withdraws money from her sponsored child’s bank account in India in this 2011 photo. Her child’s name is Nagalakshmi.

The World Bank arrived at that estimate recently, according to this Bloomberg Businessweek article. Many of these people live in the communities CFCA serves.

Poverty and a lack of required documentation are some reasons why many of these families have never even set foot inside a bank.

“It’s very rare for sponsored friends and their families to have a bank account of their own,” said Jose Rodriguez, CFCA project director for Colombia and Bolivia.

Sponsored children, the aging and their families usually live and work within their countries’ informal economies.

Their income is often seasonal and comes from cash-based, small-scale sources.

Sponsorship and microfinancing

In some countries such as India and Kenya, sponsorship benefits in some projects are distributed through bank accounts to the mothers of sponsored children.

Because these children are under 18, their mothers manage these accounts under the supervision of CFCA staff until the children are of age.

“These bank accounts become tools for families to save and access sponsorship benefits,” Jose said. Read more

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Jan 10 2012

Twitter chat: How people make a living worldwide (#cfcachat)

Mothers of CFCA sponsored children in the Philippines give sponsored elderly friends massage therapy

Mothers of sponsored children give sponsored elderly friends massage therapy in a CFCA livelihood program in the Philippines.

Yesterday we conducted a Twitter chat about livelihood programs and different ways that people make a living around the world.

Read the highlights: “How people make a living worldwide” on Storify

We’re grateful for all the participation and engagement during this hour-long chat. If you haven’t had a chance yet to join our Twitter chats, we’d love to see you next time!

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May 9 2011

Mothers grow small businesses in the Dominican Republic

This video features a mothers group in our project in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

The narrator in the video, Altagracia Flores, is a charismatic social worker in the Santo Domingo project. She and other CFCA staff members work closely with mothers of sponsored children who want to start or improve their livelihood or business.

They can access small loans from the group fund, which consists of the mothersí individual contributions and a CFCA matching amount.

Altagracia shares with us the example of two mothers who have succeeded in improving their small businesses and their families’ living conditions.


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Mar 15 2011

Water pump brings dignity to Kenyan farmer

Joel in KenyaMeet Joel, a 58-year-old farmer in Timau, Kenya.

He’s decided to use the money from his sponsorship through CFCA in a new way ñ to install a water pump for his farm.

“I have always loved farming, but it was hectic for me to fetch water from the river each day to water my plants,” he said. “That’s when I decided to save up my sponsorship funds and buy a watering pump that would help me in my farming.”

Read more about Joel.

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