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Jul 23 2012

Dear sponsor, I would like to know …

Have you ever wondered what sponsored children like to know about you? Well, wonder no more! We asked five adorable children in Colombia what they would like to know about their sponsors.

Hopefully this helps you in writing your next letter to your sponsored friend!


Marlon, CFCA sponsored child in ColombiaMy name is Marlon and I am 9 years old. I have been sponsored for two years.

I have a message for my sponsor: I wish you will do well with everything on your farm. I would like to hear from you soon.

I like it when you tell me about your grandkids. They are 7 and 8 years old.

Where do you live? Do you have wintertime? What do you grow on your farm? Do you have animals?

I would like to get a picture of you again. Thanks for your family picture and the Christmas picture.

When I grow up I would like to be a singer!

Yessica Read more

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Jul 10 2012

Sponsored child cherishes visit from sponsors

Recently Andrea, a CFCA sponsored child in Colombia, got to meet her sponsors Tony and Imelda Ortiz while they were visiting as part of a mission awareness trip.

Andrea in Colombia with her CFCA sponsors

Andrea shares her picture with her sponsors.

Harrison Garcia, our CFCA communications liaison in Colombia, followed up with her to see what she had to say about their visit!

My name is Andrea and I am a sponsored child from Bogota, Colombia.

I live with my parents and little brother. I have been sponsored for three years.

I have always had frequent communication with my sponsors, and they sent a picture to me. We also sent a picture of my family and me, so we knew each other through pictures.

When I saw my sponsors for the first time I felt a lot of happiness because I finally met them. I have wanted to meet my sponsors for a long time. Read more

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Jul 5 2012

How to make ‘ajiaco bogotano’ soup from Colombia (recipe)

CFCA serves more than 22,000 sponsored children and elderly in Colombia. Many sponsored children in Bogota like to eat “ajiaco bogotano” soup with their families on special occasions such as Christmas, Easter or a birthday lunch.

Martha, member and leader of a CFCA mothers group in Bogota, Colombia, teaches us how to prepare “ajiaco bogotano,” a delicious and traditional chicken and potato soup. This soup can also be served with rice and a slice of delicious avocado!
ajiaco bogotano
Read more and see pictures of this dish!

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Jun 25 2012

Dancing workshops in Colombia delight sponsored children

CFCA’s Hope for a Family sponsorship program focuses on the holistic development of children. Beyond needs such as health care, education and better nutrition, sponsorship can also provide counseling, art and dancing workshops, and more.

Paola, who teaches Maria featured in the above video, teaches one of the dancing workshops and has also been sponsored since 1996. She shares her story with us:

When I was 9 years old I got sponsored. The ladies at the kindergarten told us about the CFCA program and the benefits that CFCA was bringing to the families, and in this way I got sponsored through the CFCA.

I like sponsorship because we receive many benefits that make possible our social development. Benefits like: psychology, pedagogy, dental care, family counseling, etc.

I always liked the workshops. I think the CFCA helps develop well-rounded people through the workshops about art like handcrafts, dancing and literature.

When I was sponsored we had the chance to choose a workshop to learn, and I chose dancing workshops. Read more

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Jun 23 2012

CFCA in the blogosphere: CatholicMom.com + an Abigail update

CFCA blogItís our privilege to announce two recent blog posts that feature CFCA:

1) “Karen ó Friend of the Month” from CatholicMom.com

Lisa Hendey has graciously partnered with us by featuring a monthly invitation on CatholicMom.com to consider sponsoring a friend through CFCA. This month we chose to tell Karen’s story.

“Karen is one of more than 1,000 Colombian children on CFCAís waiting list for sponsorship. Sheís 3 years old and has three older siblings. Although both her parents work outside the home, their combined income is too low to meet their familyís needs. Her favorite school subject is drawing, and she likes to play with dolls.”

Read the full blog post here

2) CFCA: an Abigail update

Bobbi has kindly posted on her blog another letter from Abigail, a child her family sponsors in Mexico.

Here is an excerpt from Bobbi’s story:

“I am blown away that her mother and grandparents consider me a member of their family now and that Abigail is praying that Our Lady of Guadalupe watches over me and ‘covers me with her mantle.’ How beautiful! I love the fact that we are helping Abigail financially, yet we are the ones receiving the blessings of this little girl’s love and prayers.”

Read the full blog post: CFCA and an Abigail update

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Jun 15 2012

Happy Father’s Day: Ruben and his family in Colombia

Father’s Day is celebrated June 17 in the U.S., and we want to take this time to celebrate all fathers in the CFCA world.

We lift up fathers in our CFCA projects who struggle from dusk to dawn to put food on the table, those who overcome their fears to allow their sons to go to school instead of working in the fields, those who understand the value of education for their daughters and those who appreciate their wives as true partners in providing for the family.

We lift up fathers in the U.S. who work to instill in their children an appreciation for what they have, those who model God’s loving kindness and those who desire most of all to leave a legacy of generosity and compassion for their children.

Here is a video of a special father, Ruben in Colombia, and the daily sacrifices he makes to provide for his family.

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Jun 9 2012

Trip to Colombia: ‘An honor to be a sponsor for your children’

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

“Bob’s notes” are reports from CFCA President Bob Hentzen, who regularly accompanies mission awareness trip participants. You can see Bob’s full update on his Facebook page.

From my recent report from Medellin and Cartagena, please allow me to offer a little general information about CFCA in Colombia:

From the northern border with Venezuela to the southern border with Ecuador, we’ve walked every kilometer of Colombia, this wonderful country.

(Editor’s note: This is a reference to Walk2gether, the nearly 8,000-mile solidarity walk that Bob and CFCA staffers undertook through 12 Latin American countries. The walk lasted from December 2009 to June 2011.)

I remain deeply grateful for all the blessings, prayers and solidarity.

Colombia is a big piece of the Lord’s creation. In size it is number 4 in Latin America after Brazil, Argentina and Peru.

Colombia is special to me and to my family. I first landed here in 1960 as a Christian Brother missionary teacher.

I was assigned to Colegio La Salle, Cartagena. I have many wonderful memories of my students and fellow teachers at La Salle.

Since Cristina and I sponsored the first CFCA child, Florelia Delgado (Bogota project), CFCA-Colombia has grown to include 19,349 children and 2,179 elderly friends.

In addition, we currently have over 1,000 Colombian children on our waiting list for sponsorship. Project Bogota serves some 6,500 families in both urban and rural areas.

Before the sponsors arrived

Cristina and I enjoyed an inspiring day at the CFCA Center in Bogota on the Friday before the sponsors’ arrival. Read more

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