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13 thoughts on “Blog About Us”

  1. my experience with my sponsor in the awareness trip was very exciting and the most beautiful memory. I felt very loved and cared for when I was with my sponsor. It was like as if an empty space filled in my heart with joy. They are not just sponsors, but my family and i love them. THANK YOU JAYNE and STEVE for your love and care and the wonderful experience in my life…..

    1. Nathasha, it was wonderful to find your comments just now. You know we feel the same way, that you and your family are a part of our family. I am thrilled you enjoyed our time together as much as I did. You are a special young woman. As I told you, we are your third and last sponsor. We love you so much. Steve and Jayne

  2. I am so thankful for the opportunity that our family has had to be a part of CFCA sponsorship for the past 15 years. We truly believe in the great work that CFCA does around the world. However, we are very disappointed with the name change from Christian Foundation for Children and Aging to “Unbound”. Upon hearing this, I immediately felt sad and a bit betrayed. To eliminate the name “Christian” and also those whom we serve, “Children and Aging” from the name of the organization, does a true dis-service to the organization. In a world that continues to try to eliminate Christianity in every form, this decision feels like CFCA is simply “changing with the times”. The new name and logo give no real indication of who we are or what we do. For me it does not represent breaking the bonds of poverty, etc. Both the name and logo make me think of an outdoor athletic group of some kind. I am hoping for a restoration back to a name that has significance and relevance to our Christian mission and those whom we serve. The world needs to know that Christ is alive!!
    God BLess,

    1. Thank you, Margaret, for your feedback. We appreciate hearing from you. We understand Unbound is a big change, but we truly believe the new name will help us reach more people in need and more potential sponsors. The name Unbound has deep scriptural roots, and we believe it represents our work to free people from poverty. We are proud of our faith base, especially being founded by lay Catholics, and we’ll continue doing the same work we have been doing. Thank you for your sponsorship and partnering with us to help families in poverty live more dignified lives. We’re very grateful.

      God bless,
      Jordan Kimbrell, CFCA Writer/Editor

  3. My dear CFCA Unbound Friends,

    Thank you very much in behalf of my granddaughter, daughter of my niece. Her name is Kate who is a recipient of your scholarship program. With your sponsorship, she’s been able to pursue her schooling. You’re such a great help, knowing that Kate has got 2 other siblings who are now both in College and her parents are just having a meager income.

    I myself, even though I am a government employee, yet I cannot also extend monetary help as my husband is suffering from the after effect of his nearing to 4th stage nasopharyngeal cancer. So, this time, he is on pain medicine and monitored from time to time by his Pain and Palliative Care Doctor.

    With this, my great felicitations to you. More of His blessings,

    Nida Piorac

    1. Thank you so much for sharing, Nida. We’re glad to hear Unbound has had such a positive impact on your family’s life. We will also keep your husband in our prayers. We are so sorry to learn of his condition.

      God bless,
      Jordan Kimbrell, Unbound writer/editor

  4. God brought a little girl from Columbia into our lives. Through prayer and the desire to do God’s will, we discovered CFCA (Unbound Intl.), and began sponsoring a child. Our life has been so rich knowing that the little we do can mean so much to a struggling child. Unbound has been faithful in their personal responses and management of our sponsorship. Hearing from our sponsored child, watching her grow up, and knowing the Holy Spirit connects us in charity is so comforting. May God bless Unbound, and I thank them, through the opportunity of sponsorship, for helping bring Christ into our lives.

    1. Thank you so much, Stan, for sharing your experience. We’re glad to hear your sponsorship has enriched your lives.

      God bless,
      Jordan Kimbrell, Unbound writer/editor

  5. My introduction to this charity was in a catholic church, a priest presented the organization. I have sponsored a child and can affirm that this is a fine example of “bait and switch”.. The christian name has been aborted and now it is a nondescript “Unbound”, the logo is a copy of the one for Wal-Mart. You have joined the now generation and removed any reference to or association with Our Lord and Savior. No Christmas vacation, now it is winter break. No longer Easter vacation now it is spring break. No longer Merry Christmas but happy holidays. Congratulations, you are really up to date! You no longer have a christian identity. You are chasing an unbound nondescript one. May God have mercy on us all!!

  6. I just wanted to ask why the organization name changed from Christian Foundation of Children and Aging to Unbound. You note on the website: “The new name and logo are an expression of our work to help people break through the bonds of poverty. We work with families as they strive to achieve self-sufficiency and build strong communities,” President and CEO Scott Wasserman said. “We walk side by side with people who dream of freeing themselves from poverty. Unbound sums up our work in one simple and powerful word.” While you note that Bob Hentzen was “excited” about the new name (and perhaps he was), I find it odd that the name change came so quickly after his death. Perhaps there is nothing to this but just wanted to mention it. Further, I guess I’m unsure as to how the word or name “Unbound” serves to better describe the mission of this program. What could better explain our cause than a word associated with Christ? Is the intent truly to better explain the mission or, rather, an attempt to appease a more mainstream/non-Christian sponsorship pool?
    Being that sponsors are what drive the success of this organization, I feel we should have had a say in this change. I don’t like that the association with “Christ” has been stripped from our name.

    1. Katrina, thank you for your feedback. We appreciate your continued support and the opportunity to respond to your question. The decision to update our name to Unbound had already been made when Bob passed unexpectedly. Shortly before he passed away, Bob recorded a video message for sponsors addressing the name change. You can view it here: We assure you that the Gospel call to serve the poor remains at the center of our mission. Unbound reflects the liberating power of the Gospel. It speaks directly to our work partnering with families to unbind them from the many obstacles and barriers they encounter.
      Christina, Sponsor Services

  7. I think most of the Catholics and Christians are very much unsatisfied with the responses that we’ve been receiving from you guys. So far, we’ve been hearing responses to the effect of “the work that [Unbound] is doing is consistent with the teaching in the Gospel”, and that it will “widen the potential audience for sponsors”. Unfortunately, this space is already occupied by many secular charities/NGOs, and Unbound is no longer special in having a direct association with Jesus Christ. I specifically want to donate to a Christian organization as it is a means of evangelization over and above a means to channel support to the less fortunate. It does feel like a bait and switch, as I am loathe to abandon the child that I supported under CFCA. I am sure that all we will continue to see will be PR responses without any real change to appease all of the dissatisfied sponsors.

    1. John, thank you for your input. We’re happy to hear you want to continue you relationship with your sponsored friend, despite your feelings about our updated name. We can assure you that our mission has remained the same. How our program works has not changed, and with help from sponsors like you, we will continue to bring encouragement and hope to individuals who are working to break the bonds of poverty.

      Christina, Sponsor Services

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